Newest Mandala Inspired Design Uploaded

My newest upload titled “Stained Glass Flower” is a unique design that was created with inspiration coming from stained glass church windows, Easter and mandalas.

This piece took a while to complete as my first few times working on it didn’t produce the results I wanted from it. Color selection was tricky too, but I do like my work to look different then what you would typically expect from things that most of us are familiar with and the Easter pastels chosen worked for me and I think finished off the piece nicely.

You can purchase a print or a variety of other products of this image by visiting my website page at the following link.

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Angie Tirado Art’s First Blog Entry

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my new blog and my very first entry!

You very likely don’t know me yet, but I have for most of the last 12 years done photography part-time and after mulling over many considerations I have decided to begin dedicating a lot more time on capturing images, creating artworks, seeking photographic opportunities and marketing my fine art and digital art to make it the profitable business I desire it to become.

This blog is where I would like to grow an engaging audience by sharing stories about some past photographic experiences, as well as offer news or information about things like certain images and collections, and give you a place to get to know me a little as a creative person. Of course, pictures will be all over the place too.

I have over the last few months, had a real desire to start writing. I don’t have any training, but I seem to like to write way more then I like to talk. Although, I am writing in a conversating way now, so go figure. But a blog is how I decided to write creatively and informatively so here I am.

Sharing my interests and passion with the world, hoping someone finds interest in them and enjoys them enough to come back, maybe share it out even? Hint, hint. Is very pleasurable for me. Truth is, I love being creative, I love sharing content with people and it just feels great when someone tells me they love some of my work or one of my pictures. Even when I get the emails telling me I made a sale, never gets old. I still get excited about them, even all these years later.

Earning money to do what I love, I think most people strive for that kind of career and life. Making it happen though, can be hard, really hard. Being an anxious introvert as I am, makes this so so so challenging. But the internet has given us introverts some reach. Yay!

Unfortunately, my viewership has been dipping steadily over the years. But I am hoping now that we found each other, you might be willing to help me get some eyes balls on my work again? I know it’s a big ask, but it’s a request with the upmost appreciation and please know, it will fuel me and my desire. It will greatly energize me and keep me inspired to eagerly produce more beautiful content. I am excited to move forward on this new journey that will take me to the land of my dreams… Was that last part a bit much? Well, I figured since I am a blogger now, I can have a little fun with words too.

So, have a look around, share me and my work with your online friends & followers maybe, subscribe with your email so you don’t miss out on any fun and fascinating posts, and feel free to leave a comment to say hello and tell me how you liked my first blog post. Was it too long? Grammar errors? Made you smile? Share with me what you had for dinner? Ask me a question? I will reply. I’m good like that.

Ohh!! Be sure to look for the cute little social buttons and click on the ones you use to follow me, if you are inclined to do so… Tip, I use Twitter the most. My website link will always be available among the “Follow Me” social buttons too, for very convenient access.

Thank you for stopping by, for helping me with some exposure and for taking the time to read what I had to say! I hope to see you again very soon! Please stay tuned while I figure out more of the workings of this WordPress account. I’ll try to have something you’ll enjoy posted within the week.