Sun Mandala was Featured on “CBS Sunday Morning” on Jan. 2, 2022

On Sunday morning January 2nd, immediately following a heartfelt piece “Good deeds from a mother’s love” with Steve Hartman, on CBS Sunday Morning “Sun Mandala” was featured for the third time on the show’s broadcast and taking the viewing audience to commercial break.

Wow, three times, I am over the moon about this. To have an artwork of mine publicated on TV, and on a worldwide stage of a legendary news program is very exciting for me.

Here’s a little backstory. This segment with my mandala to follow was suppose to air the day after Christmas, December 26th, but worldwide breaking news of Archbishop Tutu’s passing bumped the story with no new date scheduled to show my mandala again, but I was told they would use my mandala at a later date.

I was then notified on new years that the piece from Steve Hartman and my Sun Mandala would be on tomorrow morning’s show. I didn’t expect it to be so soon and the day after New Years. I come to find out early Sunday morning that one of my fellow artist friends was going to have one of his images on the show too. That made it all the more worthwhile as David Manlove was the one who opened this new door for me and I love his work. Great way to start the new year off.

Link to video on CBS News:

Sun Mandala is part of my newest series, “Mandalas Among the Stars” Collection.

Sun Mandala

Sun Mandala by Angie Tirado:

This lovely featured image can be purchased as a fine art print on canvas, metal, acrylic & wood, or as an art print with custom framing. Visit the following link for all printing options available.

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Recent adds, New art images!

These 6 Mandala inspired art designs are the most recent additions to my portfolio and to my growing mandala collection.

Top, Left to Right: Clarity in Romance; Colors of Autumn Mandala; Lotus in Center Mandala; Bottom, Left to Right: Mandala of Better Times; Where Love Grows Mandala; Winter Blue Mandala

You can see my entire mandala collection and learn more by visiting this link “MANDALAS BY ANGIE TIRADO”

I have also added 2 new mandala and universe inspired art designs to my “Mandalas Among the Stars” collection over the last few months.

Left to Right: Celestial Mandala; Mandala of the Earth’s Sun

Visit this link to see all 18 out of this world images “MANDALAS AMONG THE STARS”

I look back to when I first started drawing mandalas in October 2019 (Wow it’s been 2 years!!) and I think it is safe for me to say my work is evolving. I have many more tools in my toolbox now that I used to create my recent pieces, but I truly wish to continue to develop as an artist. I have to admit I am curious as to where this will lead me next, creatively. Drawing mandalas has certainly been good for my psyche and for my thirst to create. The reception over the last few months has also been favorable, which I find encouraging and continues to inspire me.

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Website: Angie Tirado – Fine Art Photography & Digital Art

Should you have any questions or requests please contact me via Email.